Belgian Skin weekend 2019


Oi OI,

Welcome to the 17th Belgian Skins weekend. 

Show off your bomber and skin wear, rubber, sports gear or workwear!
Here’s how to get what you want. 

We start on Wednesday with the rites of men: a good Belgian beer.
Sett off by the horny smell of beer and boots.  All drinks to 50 '% discount all night.
Welcome brothers!

Thursday: rubber OR skin only. Let your pig sides run free on the the
Belgian Skins Toxic Rubber / Skin Party.

Friday we organise the usual skin party,
Work it up on the 'big bang' party.

Follows Saturday where DJ Bramsterdam & Big General is in the house.

On Sunday, we gather for a fetish closing afternoon at 5 pm.
Meet old friends or make new ones right at the end.

Restaurant Refill is the place to be for good food and drinks,
with hopefully a verrrrrry sunny terrace that weekend.

Also Mr B Antwerp will be greeting skins with open arms.
Find what they have in store for you on the shopping page.